This is an on going project. The goal is to build a pond around a 38' yacht that will " float" in the middle on holders to keep it in place and above the waterline so it won't rock. If fact it will be a playhouse in the middle of the pond, with a dock area in the back also attached to an outdoor kitchen. The photos below are of the filterhouse that will be in front of the pond and flow back to that pond via a waterfall.    



This is another long term project. The base pond is 6000 gallons and was designed to hold both albino turtles and koi fish. The pond is poured concrete and stamped. It also has a stamped layer on the sides. The block area being added around the pond allows the turtles to roam out of the pond without escaping.  The blocks will be back filled with concrete and then serve as a base for artificial rockwork. The semi-circular area at the back of land area is where the filtration equipment will be hidden by a cave.