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Meet the owner


  John B. Tinius, Jr. ( " The Koi Guy " tm ) Is the owner and founder  of Tinius Landscape & Aquatics. He is past president of the Greater  Louisville Koi & Goldfish Society ( GLKGS) and past representative  to the Association of Koi Clubs of America ( AKCA) and written  nationally published articles on water gardening related subjects..   John holds an Indiana Plantsman certification and has a life long  interests in all things nature.. He has combined his many  interests in  the areas of plants, animals, breeding, carpentry etc, into his  business. In addition to his business, he also has a collection of  albino turtles and is involved in plant breeding projects including  daylilies and water lillies to name a few. 

About Us


Tinius  Landscape & Aquatics is primarily a general landscape contractor.  We do all types of design, maintenance, and installation of both  landscapes , ponds, oriental gardens and more. Additionally, we have our  own nursery for plant materials where we also breed koi & goldfish  on a limited basis. In the past few years we've added concrete  and  related items to our abilities.

 Company Information --   Tinius Landscape has been in business for over 25 years. We are  located in New Albany, In. and have a small nursery site there as our  base of operations..Appointments may be made by contacting us at 812  945-0707 OR 502 807-5248. Contact may also be made by e-mail @  mrkoiguy@aol.com.

Our Video


 " The Koi Guy" has produced a video. This is a set of 2 videos, each  app. an hour long. The first video covers pond basics such as  design,  filtration, plants, winter care, fish care, etc. The second  video covers all phases of pond construction, showing the actual   construction of a liner pond. including filtration, bottom drains and  waterfalls.

However  the video is still only available on VHS format and has not yet been  converted to DVD format. The tape can be purchased  for 20.00 including  shipping & handling by e-mailing us at mrkoiguy@aol.com